Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fish fever in the secret spot.

This fishery was a little tougher to get to, but so very worth it! I can't say where it is exactly, I've made a vow of silence. I'd hate for the goons to show up and bash my kneecaps in because I gave away the fishing hole. Suffice to say it was a 5-hour drive and a 1-mile hike to get there. And there was nobody there but us.

We started catching kings right away, and didn't stop until we were worn out. I probably caught and released at least 20, the biggest being around 30 lbs. The "one that got away" looked to be at least 60 lbs! We also caught a couple of pretty nice rainbows by accident.

Mikey the dog helped to round up all the fish we landed.

Bianca landed the biggest fish of the day. Really nice king! Pretty red though, so we released her to go spawn.

Issac caught his first king here. And his second, third, fourth and fifth. We did a lot of releasing that day.

Cleaning fish on a flat (sort of) rock.


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